Why Servpro??

So why SERVPRO? Why not some other restoration company? Why not do it to yourself? Why call us? I’ll tell you.

-SERVPRO is the national leader in Fire and Water Cleanup & Restoration.

-SERVPRO uses only state of the art equipment.

-Training of SERVRO professionals at the national, regional and local levels is constantly reinforcing the highest standards.

-SERVPRO presents professionally uniformed field personnel.

-SERVPRO employs experienced and certified technicians.

-SERVPRO provides a professional service fleet.

-SERVPRO offers Full Service mitigation and construction service.

-SERVPRO has the resources of a national company in times of large disasters.

-SERVPRO franchises are held to a higher standard by the National Headquarters.

So if your weekend happens to be less than beautiful due to the unplanned (say, fire or water damage?) then I think you know who to call.


Here and ready to help when you need it most: (803)755-9774



For more information: http://www.servprolexingtonsc.com/


-Denea Duran 

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