Real Quotes from Real People

Real Quotes from Real People

“I stopped in a local gas station in Manahawkin, NJ, and had the honor of meeting four of your guys from South Carolina. I knew by the southern accent they were not from here, and I could tell by their dirty boots those boys had been working all day.

I had to take a minute to ask them where they were from and if they were here to help. They smiled very politely and said “yes ma’am, been here since last Thursday”. All I could do was look at them and tell them from the bottom of my heart, I thank them for being here, told them New Jersey loves them and made them promise when the Jersey shore is all better someday they must come back for a day in the sand and sun.I didnt get their names, but I will never forget how special they were for coming and helping people and our state of New Jersey!

To those four southern boys in the green SERVPRO trucks, this Jersey girl thanks you. To your company, thank you for the caring and compassion of helping the people in our area. People helping people- it’s what it is all about and your company has truly shown that.”


-Tiffany, New Jersey


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