Real Trees vs. Fake Trees

Holiday Safety Facts:
  • According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), approximately one tenth of one percent (0.12%) of residential fires involve a Christmas Tree — both real and artificial.
  • At NO time can a Real Christmas Tree START or CAUSE a fire. Christmas Trees do not spontaneously combust.
  • In 1998 more than 32 million Real Christmas Trees were used in the U.S. Of these, only 0.00093% were ignited in home fires.
  • Christmas Trees are not as likely to be the first item ignited in residential fires as many other common household items:
  • newspapers and magazines — 13 times more likely
  • boxes or bags — 10 times more likely
  • curtains or drapes — 9 times more likely
  • Overloaded electric outlets and faulty wires are the most common causes of holiday fires in residences – these types of fires can be just as dangerous with an artificial tree.

The National Fire Protection Association tracks fires and their causes. According to their data, of all residential fires, Christmas Trees, both Real and fake, are ignited in less than 1/10 of one percent (0.1%) of all the home fires. Keep that in mind if you see a sensational blazing tree on the “Action News”. These trees are often doused in a flammable liquid or cut many months prior to harvest time. Trees that are kept fresh during the holiday season using the NCTA care tips are extremely difficult to ignite.

Content Credit:

-Denea Duran


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