Shooting in Aurora


Although, today is suppose to be “Fun Friday”, I felt it would be very inappropriate to have some great reciepes or even something enjoyable. This morning I woke up at 5am to CNN on my TV. The news I woke up to was not what I expected. It is hard to do something thats suppose to be enjoyable when the world is morning.


The shooting unfolded inside a darkened theater packed with Batman fans, some in costume for the premiere of the movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” Screaming, panicked moviegoers scrambled to escape from the black-clad gunman, who wore a gas mask and randomly shot as he walked up the theater’s steps, witnesses said.

It was a scene “straight out of a horror film,” said Chris Ramos, who was inside the theater.

“He was just literally shooting everyone, like hunting season,” Ramos said.

Lets keep the victims, families and witnesses in our thoughts and prayers. Please send nothing but positive energy toward the victims.


-Denea Duran



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