Lexington Anchor

 Have you heard of a little online publication called the Lexington Anchor? You haven’t? Well then, let me introduce you…

The Lexington Anchor is Lexington’s very first home-grown online communications medium and newsletter. The mission of the Anchor is to promote the healthy development of the Town of Lexington by showcasing the cultural, charitable and communal strengths of its many active organizations and generous residents.
In order to be effective, the Anchor will strive to support and uphold the Town of Lexington’s Vision 2020 Plan by highlighting events, policy updates and personal testimonies of community leaders that are conducive to the development of a vibrant, sustainable, and historically-significant Lexington community.
We are just a small publication now, with a commitment to represent one community with one voice, but with your loyalty and support we can grow with the rest of the beautiful town of Lexington.
Check us out tonight at our Launch Party taking place at the Cotton Grill at 5:30pm. There will be food, drinks, and lots of fun. Don’t miss it!
– Heather Hinson


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