Green Means Clean

SERVPRO does not just celebrate Earth Day one day, but we practice being kind to our earth everyday. What did you do to celebrate Earth Day April 22, 2012?

Many people do not know that the first Earth Day was planned as a teach-in, a day to inform the public about environmental issues. Earth Day founder, Senator Gaylord Nelson, an environmental activist who was outraged by lack of political response to gross environmental degradation evident throughout the country, said that he was “convinced that all we need to do to bring an overwhelming insistence of the new generation that we stem the tide of environmental disaster is to present the facts clearly and dramatically. … Every university should set aside one day in the school year-the same day across the Nation-for the teach-in.”
You do not have to plant a tree to become “ECO-FRIENDLY”! Here are some easy tips to start saving Green and going Green!

  1. Recycle:In the office we started recycling cans, plastic bottles and office paper. Its just that simple.
  2. Drop your thermostat temperature:If you spend your time in one room or one area of the house, why not use a space heater?
  3. Become a hypermiler: Just drive the speed limit. That should not be too hard. Right?
  4. Carpool once a week:Living in California, there are terminals available for carpoolers. If you live in a small town, then carpool with some of your co-workers that live close by. Carpooling just once a week is the easiest way to shave 15% off your gas bill.
  5. Stop drinking bottled water: Unless you really enjoy swapping your five dollar bills with one dollar bills, bottled water is really bad on almost every factor except for convenience. Bottled water is: more expensive than drinking tap water, doesn’t necessarily taste any better or provide more nutrients, and has deep economic and environmental costs in production and transportation.

-Denea Duran
Photo Credit: Google Image


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