How Healthy Is Your Pet?

 Having a pet is not only about shelter, food, romp and fun but also about keeping your pet healthy and happy. Would you know what to do if your pet was choking or suddenly stopped breathing? Here are some tips to ensure that you know all of the proper steps to keep your animal pal in prime condition!
HOW TO KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHYPet owners can follow these important steps to help keep their pet healthy. Make sure your pets:

  • Get plenty of exercise.
  • Have plenty of fresh, cool water.
  • Get regular yearly checkups with their veterinarian, and are up to date on vaccines (especially rabies).
  • Are spayed or neutered.
  • Are kept leashed while outside – another animal or flashy object may be too much temptation.
Know how to perform CPR and provide basic first aid until veterinary care is available

PET FIRST AID    Courses on how to better care for your pet are available at many local Red Cross chapters. The Red Cross has also developed Dog First Aid and Cat First Aid Guides with DVDs that teach basic pet responsibilities available at their Store. The guides cover many helpful topics such as spaying/neutering, medications, proper CPR techniques and disaster preparedness. For more information, visit or call 1-800 RED CROSS to see when classes are available.

Content Credit: Photo Credit: Google Image
-Denea Duran


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