Inside the Hurricane Recovery Program

When nearly 4.5 million people needed help following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Irene, millions of individuals, foundations and corporations rose to the occasion. In just a few months, the American Red Cross was entrusted with nearly $2.2 billion to assist those affected. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families looked to the Red Cross.  



The Red Cross has continued to support those devastated by the 2005 hurricanes through the Hurricane Recovery Program (HRP): a nationally-developed, locally-tailored initiative addressing the long-term needs of Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma survivors. 

Working alongside local and national nonprofits and other partner agencies, the Red Cross ultimately helped tens of thousands of people obtain emotional support, create recovery plans and meet housing or occupational needs through the HRP services. Additionally, HRP built new partnerships and communities…ultimately empowering families and neighborhoods alike.



The Hurricane Recovery Program is a story best told by the thousands of families who received support – the thousands of faces that share equal parts grief and hope every day. It is often best told one story at a time.



-Denea Duran


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Photo Credit: SERVPRO


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