Fun Friday

 Happy Friday. Now that it is officially spring, how will you spend your weekend? Well, if you must know, I will spend this great, sunny weekend cleaning and organizing my house. I thought today’s blog would only be appropriate!
Every morning I spend at least 30 minutes looking through my vanity trying to find the right makeup brush or  new mascara bottle that I just purchased. Here’s a few tricks to save us both 30 minutes out of our busy morning. Hope you all enjoy!

Coffee bean brush holder-

This simple project keeps your makeup brushes upright and organized. Plus, your bedroom will smell like coffee every morning. Yum.

What you need: • small, clear plastic tub (one side should be open) • coffee beans/ small grains, etc. Instructions:
1. Fill the clear tube with coffee beans and/ or small grains (whichever you prefer) 2.Stick your brushes into the coffee beans, brush side up.

Rake Organizer-

Sure, you can buy little hooks to hang your necklaces, but we like this rustic, shabby-chic take on jewelry organization. And it’s so easy …

What you need: • old rake • screw and screwdriver • sandpaper (optional) • Rustoleum (optional) Instructions:
 1. Unscrew the handle from the old rake.
2. If the rake is rusted, sand off the rust or cover the metal with an anti-rust spray paint like Rustoleum.
3. Drill the screw into the wall/ door of where you’d like the rake to hang.
4. Hang the rake on the screw, rake prongs down. Arrange your necklaces on the prongs.

-Denea Duran
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