Clean House + Clean Air = Happy, Healthy People

Indoor Pollution Heart Disease Did you know that there is not only a such thing as outside pollution but also indoor pollution? To be honest, I never knew what would cause indoor pollution besides tobacco smoke. Here is a list of things that can cause indoor pollution!

Causes of Indoors Air Pollution

  • Asbestos building products when dislodged (no longer intact)  
  • Biological contaminants such as mold, dust mites, viruses and pet dander
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Formaldehyde found in pressure treated wood
  • Lead (pre-1978 house paint)
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Particulates found in dust, pollen, cleaning sprays and poorly ventilated areas
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Volatile organic compounds including household cleaning products, pesticides and aerosol propellants

If you don’t think it is important to have clean air in your home, well here is a few fun facts!

Clean Air in the Home

  • Children in homes with high levels of mold show persistent, cold-like symptons-300% more than those in clean environments.            
  • Every year about 40 pounds of dust is generated per 1,5000 square feet in a home.
  • Roughly 80 percent of the particles you see floating in your home in a ray of sunshine are dead human skin.

So now what do you think?

-Denea Duran

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