Then and Now: New Orleans

First and foremost, let me start by apologizing to everyone. I have been absent in posting blogs last week because I went to New Orleans! Not only is the city rich in history but the people there are friendly and have great “southern hospitality”. The food is not only amazing, but the people of New Orleans don’t believe in portion control (Lets just say that I ate everything that I could get my hands on!)

Tip: New Orleans is known for their amazing praline candy. If you get a chance to head to New Orleans, you must STOP whatever your doing and try praline candy!  

I not only went down to New Orleans for pleasure, but I really wanted to take away a better understanding of the history of the city– both before and after Hurricane Katrina. I think it is amazing how some of the homes and structures destoryed in 2005 look as if the hurricane had just made landfall. They are still boarded up and the water lines are still evident.

During my trip I got to speak with a few locals about the hurricane. Hearing them reminisce about that day, I was struck by the number of people who continue to hold positive attitudes following the event. Many even considered themselves blessed.

Before I left New Orleans, I met a business owner that lost his small business permanently. As we walked past his boarded up shop to the next stop of our vacation, I could feel my heart sink. It is amazing how a natural disaster can change your life forever.

My job here is to give you safety tips, but to be honest nothing can prepare you for a life-changing natural disaster. What I took away from my trip is that it is essential to stay positive through whatever is handed to you. And I thank the people of New Orleans for teaching me about courage and faith.

We will continue to keep the people and city of New Orleans in our prayers!

-Denea Duran



2 thoughts on “Then and Now: New Orleans

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I felt like it was uplifting and encouraging even though at some points you were touching on a tragic subject. Keep up the good work. You paint a clear picture with your words for others to capture!

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