Fun Friday: Meet Your New Social Media Representative!

Let me formally Introduce myself. My name is Denea Duran and I am a native from San Francisco (the bay area), California. So with that being said– WELCOME, SANDY, TO CALIFORNIA!Image

I am a college graduate with a degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast! I am the oldest of four siblings and I am very active in my community, which is now the Columbia area. Growing up, I wanted to be what everyone in California aspires to be– a MODEL or ACTRESS……. But then it snapped into reality that I am only 5’2! I realized my calling was Journalism when I was the only child in the neighborhood that would rather watch CNN than cartoons.

I am honored to be apart of SERVPRO, which has made me feel like family just in the two days that I have been in the office. I will continue to keep the tradition with FUN FRIDAYS….

5 Fun Facts About Denea:

I love ZUMBA! Not the best dancer but when the music turns on no one can stop me. LoL

I typically like to try things that I am not good at (Surfing, Snowboarding and Singing)

I love to bake and make up new random recipes! I will share on later BLOGS!

Obsessed with romantic novels. Currently I am reading “The Vow”

People that know me know I laugh at random moments…. I’m the kind of person that when it is completely silent will giggle at something that happened an hour ago!

Have a great Friday!

 -Denea Duran


2 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Meet Your New Social Media Representative!

  1. Welcome to the SERVPRO family! So excited to read the blogs from someone who clearly has a lot to offer. Loving California so far (especially the Bay area) and swallowing a large dose of culture shock. Hehe. Give Amy, Tia, Heather, Candace, and Angie a few hugs for me!

  2. Welcome, Denea! I’m Sandu’s Mom and I’ve really missed reading the posts. I will look forward to more great information now. Isn’t it wonderfully ironic that you girls are switching places? Enjoy your South Carolina adventure!

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