Since farewells are not fun and Friday is “Fun Friday,” I have chosen to write my farewell today instead of tomorrow. Let us never desecrate Fun Friday with sadness.

It seem strange to write a farewell without a proper introduction, so let me officially introduce myself (other than a bold name at the bottom of each article): I am Sandy Hayden. I graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Writing and Publication Studies. I grew up with an incredible, large family of which I am the youngest. As a child I was sure that my life would take one of two routes: a fashion designer or an archeologist. So, naturally, I chose to became a writer (hehe). I rarely let a day go by without reading my Bible/praying and running. My greatest strengths are my determination and creativity; my greatest weakness: my unceasing need for social interaction (a difficult need for a writer, as writing is more often a task done in solitude). Now you know me, so let the farewell commence.

I began working here in June as the Social Media Representative. Professionally I have learned more than I can say. I was a writer thrust into a marketing world, and I’ve spent the last 6 months there gaining as much experience as possible. I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to market SERVPRO online, meet clients, travel to the Outer Banks to photograph hurricane damage, and even tackle a few fun video projects. But even more impressionable than the professional experience has been the relational one. From the crew to the people in the office to even the clients, there is a place in my heart for them all.

So what now, you ask? Oh nothing much, just marrying my best friend and moving to California. 🙂 But seriously.

So I ask you to welcome the new Social Media Representative with open arms in January. Be good and comment often! So long and farewell, friends.

Sandy Hayden


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