Happy Birthday Mike Whittles

We spent last month here on the blog and on twitter recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we want to take time to point out one of our personal heroes who is battling cancer. Mike Whittles is a SERVPRO individual who truly knows how to make every day count.

“Am I that special? No. I am not. My fellow cancer survivors are that special. My coaches are that special. My co-workers are that special. My daughter Jess spending one night a week with our grandson, extra-special. My Servpro family is that special. Reassuring Nick that it’s okay to be at school, that’s special. My eighty something year old parents and sister are that special. My football players are that special. My wonderful illness and my wonderful cancer have brought out the best in just about everyone that I am surrounded by. I don’t like having an illness but I like what it brings out in me and I like what it brings out in others. It seems like I only see the good in people so in a way, I thank cancer (although I still want to destroy it!)

Sometimes I think, what if I had just been in a deadly car accident with no warning, no goodbyes? This healing time, when it seems I can do little more than sleep, is heartwarming and for me when I close my eyes, knowing that I am enveloped in God’s arms and holding onto the warmth and power of friendship and family, I am special. YOU are that special.”  -Mike Whittles

The great thing about SERVPRO is that it provides an opportunity to have an extended family. I’ve known Mike all of my life (literally). Though he probably has a better memory of those very early years, I DO remember spending time playing with Jessica (Mike’s daughter) and the rest of the SERVPRO kids at convention. Jessica was like a cousin and Mike an uncle.. making for exactly 4 large family get togethers a year (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Convention). During high school and college graduation, as well as my brother’s wedding this year, my SERVPRO family was just as present as my blood relatives.

Point being, we are incredibly blessed being a part of this system. Every year since I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by hard working, sincere, loving mentors who have taught me that there is no other way to live than to make every day count. I am very encouraged to know that there are countless others in my SERVPRO family, besides Mike, that would live with the same amount of passion and purpose given the grueling circumstances. Because it’s not about the cancer. It’s about being thankful and counting blessings. It’s about always using the life you’ve been given for the greater good. And it’s inspiring.

Thank you, Mike. Thank you for being a great father figure and leader just as my parents have been. I hope this is one of your happiest and fulfilling birthdays yet!

With lots of love from Tia, Taylor, Marty, Angie and the rest of the SERVPRO clan


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