Fun Friday: Let’s Go Shopping

You know what I love about America? You can shop for a cause. Ethical consumerism, of sorts. As we are finishing up our week of breast cancer awareness, I thought we might donate to the fight against breast cancer and go shopping… at the same time!

Who says you’re limited to a breast cancer t-shirt? has a huge variety (from clothes and accessories to items for your pets and your office) of merchandise, all raising funds for the cure.

Help give free mammograms administered by clinics and hospitals by visiting!

Similarly, funds mammograms. Check out their wide variety of merchandise. They even have Fair Trade and Green items (two thumbs up on the ethical scale)! Did I mention their stuff was cute?

And last, but certainly not least, comes (Name sounds familiar? These are the guys who brought you Your Man Reminder phone app.) Shop in their store and fund their organization, working to rethink the campaign against breast cancer. They’ve got a real knack for this retail therapy thing.

So whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, take this Friday and go shopping for a cause!

Sandy Hayden


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