One of the greatest and oldest expressions we have is dance. It comes as no surprise that it should be so closely linked to the fight against breast cancer, from hot pink mob dances to intricate modern pieces. For many, dancing serves to communicate their fight as they battled breast cancer, to process pain, and to raise awareness. Here are just a few of those dances.

This is a clip from the documentary “Foreign Puzzle,” where Sharon, a breast cancer survivor and dancer, faces her inability to handle the disintegration of her body as she undergoes chemotherapy. This dance, “Materiality of Impermanence,” shows Sharon escaping to a place where she is unconfined. For more information about the documentary, please visit their facebook page.

This is a well-known So You Think You Can Dance routine performed by Melissa and Ade choreographed by Tyce Diorio. It is dedicated to Diorio’s friend, who was suffering from breast cancer.

One of the most celebrated dances, particularly for breast cancer awareness, is the flash mob dance. Orlando Making Strides Against Breast Cancer supporters come together for this dance, choreographed to Melissa Etheridge’s “I Run for Life.”

Sandy Hayden


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