Fun Friday: From the Kitchen to the Walls

It’s Fun Friday yet again! And this week we’re taking it from the kitchen to the walls! With this easy project, you can take discarded spoons and turn them into a rustic wall display.

What you need: three or more spoons, a plank of wood, paint (optional), strong glue (gorilla glue for example), and tea light candles.

Begin by painting the wood if you like. If this display is going outside or on a porch, I recommend applying a protective coat as well. Heat the spoons in order to bend them at the neck. If warming them with your hands is not enough for bending, try boiling the spoons. Bend and let cool. Apply glue to the neck of the spoons, place on the wooden plank and apply pressure until they dry (I like using encyclopedias for weight). After hanging, place a tea light in each spoon and light. And last but not least, enjoy the new rustic ambiance in your home!

Photo Credit:

Sandy Hayden


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