We’re “In It 2 Win It”

The Greater Lexington Chamber is launching its “In It 2 Win It” campaign and it’s with you in mind. Trust us, you’re going to want to learn more.

Corporate teams of volunteers are gathering for 8 weeks to extend their reach into the community to sell Chamber memberships and sponsorships through the Chamber’s Total Resource Campaign.

These teams are raising money that benefits their community. When the community prospers, businesses prosper. The Chamber is committed to sustaining our excellent community and to increasing the strength of our local economy.

By becoming a member of the Chamber, you can directly impact your community and economy for the better! Interested in joining? Visit http://www.lexingtonsc.org/ for more info. Joining the Chamber has many benefits, including opportunities to promote your business, saving money, and even resources to help make your work more efficient. If becoming a member isn’t the right option for you, maybe becoming a sponsor is a more appropriate option, as you can partner with the Chamber to make a difference and better your community. Check it out today!

Sandy Hayden


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