Autumn Check List

[] Give Space Heaters Space: As the weather gets cooler, space heaters come out of their summer hiding places, and as it turns out, they need space too. Remember to leave at least three feet of space around your heater. Unplug it when it’s not being used.

[] Test your CO Detector: During cold weather, your furnace will be running and your windows will be closed. Test the carbon monoxide detector near your home’s bedrooms.

[] Never Heat With an Oven: On chilly autumn mornings, avoid the temptation to warm the kitchen with a gas range or an open oven door. The unvented products of combustion can quickly build to toxic levels. Take this as an opportunity to indulge in warm socks and robe.

[] Replace Expired Fire Extinguishers: Make sure that the fire extinguisher in your home is still good. If it has expired or discharged, be sure to replace it promptly. You don’t want to be without this in case of an emergency.

[] Test Your Local Smoke Detectors: If it needs a new battery, then replace it. If the detector still does not function, replace the detector. This one shouldn’t wait til later.

[] Wear Gloves While Doing Yard Work: It is the season for cleaning (isn’t every season?). To help avoid blisters and other hand injuries, be sure to wear gloves while doing yard work.

[] Use Your Legs to Lift Heavy Items: Whether you are putting things away for storage or carrying garbage and yard waste to the curb, be sure to use your legs to avoid back injuries.

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