Fun Friday: Get Your Organization On

I know! I know! You read the word “organize” and “fun” in the same title and you have lost all trust in me. Hold your horses. I know that organizing is not exactly a sufficient substitute for the birthday clown at your seven-year-old’s party. Rather, organizing is the necessary evil in our domestic lives, and since it is necessary, why not jazz it up and make it interesting. So kick the label-maker and the cardboard boxes, because today’s Fun Friday is where art and creativity meet functionality. Feast your eyes on these brilliant ideas!

Use a tray to utilize more vertical space in your cabinets. Be sure to put a gripping material (like non-slick rug gripper) on both sides of the tray to keep glasses from sliding.

Use a door rack inside your cabinet to store cleaning supplies.

Who says labeling has to be dull? Make things interesting with scrabble pieces to label your kitchen.

Use tension curtain rods as dividers for cupboard shelves.

All it takes is two boards to convert a cabinet into a functional wine rack!

Got a drawer full of recipes? Stick them in clear scrapbook pages and a fun notebook and make your own cookbook!

Drawer organizers are very handy, but they often don’t have the right dimensions for your needs. Make your own by assembling tins in your drawer.

Need a place to store jewelry? Icing tips make for great ring storage.

Organization means to utilize the space you have. Go vertical in your bathroom by using a coatrack for towels.

With the holidays around the corner, you might be regretting last year’s choice of wrapping paper storage. Make it better for next year by using an old hamper for storage.

Also check out these two awesome articles from Real Simple: Organizing for Your Personality and How to Recycle Anything!

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens, Better Homes and Gardens, Better Homes and Gardens, Home Made Simple, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Real Simple

Sandy Hayden


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