Fun Friday!

It’s our fourth Fun Friday today and it’s time for a little inspiration! Check out some ideas that will make an impact on your house and not your wallet. “Reduce, reuse,” my friends.

Wait before you throw those light bulbs out. For a romantic green house feel, try using them for hanging plants or vases.

On your next Saturday morning thrift trip, snatch yourself an old window for a great conversation piece as well as a handsome way to display photos or artwork. You can hang it on the wall or go a step further and make it a table surface. Get creative!

Wood needs a little help? Before shelling out for an expensive product, try shelling a walnut instead.

Wooden cable spool + wheels = brilliance.

Scrap wood? More like chic headboard. A touch of ingenuity (and paint) goes a long way.

Any other cheap n’ chic ideas? Submit them in the reply box below! Happy, happy Friday!

Credits: A Well Traveled Woman, Everyday Ebullience, Carrie Leber: the blog, Poppytalk, DIY Ideas, and Apartment Therapy.

Sandy Hayden


2 thoughts on “Fun Friday!

  1. I love all these ideas! Truly inspirational and UNIQUE. Sometimes it’s hard to find both. I’ll definitely have to try the lightbulb thing 🙂

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