Fun Friday!

I’ve decided the blog needs a little spice to its life. Hello readers, meet Fun Friday! Every Friday we’re going to vacation from safety tips and explore more fun things.

Today’s is a little craft is geared toward the eclectic. I’ve been working on making a little bistro chalkboard for my kitchen, and it’s easier than you might think.

*Image courtesy of Notes from the Heartland

What you’ll need:

  • Frame (thrift store, dinged up is ok–it makes it look more vintage)
  • Piece of plywood to fit the frame
  • Sanding block (optional)
  • Primer
  • Spray paint of your choice of color (optional)
  • Chalkboard spray paint
  • Wood glue

You may very well find a frame that you love just the way it is. In my case, I found an old, brown ornate frame from the thrift store. I loved it, but I wanted it to be off-white, like in the image above, so I began this project by spray painting my frame. 

When spray painting, make sure not to hold the can too close to the surface being painted. It is better to do several light coats of paint than one or two heavy coats. Allow paint to dry before applying another coat. I ended up giving my frame 3 coats. When you have finished painting the frame, leave it to dry for at least 8 hours undisturbed.

If you have a sanding block, sand the edges of the plywood until they are smooth. Before using the chalkboard paint, prime the plywood. Primer is simply a white paint that prepares the surface on which you are painting by ensuring better adhesion of paint to the surface, increasing the durability of the paint, and providing protection for the plywood underneath. So apply one or two coats of primer to the plywood and let dry.

When the plywood is dry, apply the first coat of chalkboard paint. Remember to be careful not to apply an overly thick coat. I applied 3 coast of chalkboard paint to my plywood board. Let this dry.

Once all is dry, apply wood glue to the edges of the plywood and set into the frame, applying pressure until the glue has dried.

Lastly, enjoy! Colored chalk is particularly fun if you have a neutral-colored frame. I have found that pink chalk can be a little difficult to erase, so you may have to use a wet rag rather than an eraser for certain types of chalk.

Happy Friday!

Sandy Hayden


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