Myth-busting: Lightning

After seeing my dog Charlie shove her face (the only part of her body that would fit) under my bed during the storm last night, I found myself with inspiration for today’s blog. You see, I wish I could have told my terrified pup that we were completely safe and that she was not facing her final hours. As silly as she seemed, though, I couldn’t help but think that we act similarly. We often approach storms with too much or too little fear because we don’t know the facts. So please take a moment to test your knowledge and enjoy some lightning myth-busting.

Myth: Lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Fact: Lightning often strikes the same place twice, especially if it’s a tall, pointy object. The Empire State building is struck nearly 25 times per year!

Myth: If clouds aren’t over my head and it isn’t raining, lightning poses no threat to me.

Fact: Lightning often strikes more than three miles outside of the thunderstorm and has been known to travel as far as 10-15 miles before striking the ground.

Myth: “Heat lightning” occurs after a very hot summer day and poses no threat.

Fact: “Heat lightning” is just a term used to describe lightning from a thunderstorm too far away to be heard.

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Sandy Hayden


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