It’s Never Too Late for Spring Cleaning

I know what you’re thinking: “The heat index has averaged 115ºF for the last two weeks… it’s not spring anymore.” But hear me out, it’s never too late for spring cleaning. What happens every year when the pollen count spikes and allergies launch into full swing, if you’re like me, is that you end up seeking shelter in the great indoors despite the gorgeous weather. Those flowers are great and all, but my nose is running and I think I have a migraine. If that sounds like you, you might have also noticed that despite the air-conditioned refuge you seek, the sniffles don’t leave. How is this possible?

Sounds like your refuge needs some spring cleaning. Modern homes are so well built and insulated that they are nearly air-tight. While they keep the warmth and air-conditioning inside, they also allow contaminants—such as dust and mold particles—to build up to potentially irritating, even unhealthy, levels.

So why bring this up now? Believe it or not, fall is actually on its way. Although the allergy triggers are slightly different than those in spring, the symptoms can be equally miserable. If you tackle the big cleaning projects now, then by the time allergies are back, it’s just a matter of maintenance cleaning. Check out the following tips on “spring” cleaning and consider giving your home a good scrub-down in the coming weeks.

  1. Always start at the top. As you clean higher-up items, like ceiling fan blades and top shelves on bookcases, you’ll knock dust down to a lower level. You don’t want to resoil an area you have already cleaned!
  2. Stay focused on the task at hand. When cleaning out a closet or drawer, it’s easy to get drawn in by old photo albums and keepsakes. Set aside time for the fond memories later—you’re on a mission!
  3. Don’t be a pack rat. You don’t want to throw away precious keepsakes, but try to limit the junk laying around the house. If you haven’t used it in a year or two, throw it out, or better yet, sell it in a garage sale!
  4. Hit the hidden areas. We all avoid the hated, hidden areas in our homes, but now is the time to face the monster dust bunny under the bed. Be ruthless!
  5. Tackle the big projects first. It happens every year: We start with the best intentions to scrub down our homes from top to bottom, but somewhere in the middle, we run out of steam. Tackle the biggest projects first, or you may never get to them.
  6. Yard sale time! Don’t just chuck your unwanted items. Put them up for sale! You may be surprised to see what could bring in a couple of bucks.

Of course, if spring cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, just give us a call. Here at SERVPRO we have a professional tools and a knack for nooks and crannies. We’ll have your home sparkling in no time!

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Sandy Hayden


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