As one of the third oldest franchises, we’ve seen and done quite a lot. Check out of a few of these SERVPRO relics recently uncovered.

In this 1985 Honors booklet, you’ll notice our very own Marty and Angie Williams recognized on the right page toward the bottom!

Check out this 1988 Newsline! A little different from the ones you’re getting in the mail today.

Featured in the very Newsline pictured above is this photo of Marty Williams receiving a Servpro Sammy Trainer Award from none other than Harry Mangleburg and Doris Isaacson.

Speaking of the Servpro Sammy Trainer Award, check out our former SERVPRO mascot. Introducing Servpro Sammy himself. He has now retired, being replaced by Stormy and Blaze.

This undated state roster features the little guy!

And last but not least, Marty and Angie’s #3 in Nation they received in 2000. Ok, that’s not that old, but we just couldn’t help bragging about our incredible owners.

Stay tuned for tomorrow! More to come!

Sandy Hayden


2 thoughts on “SERVPRO Museum

  1. Wow! This stuff is pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing!
    I remember when my parents bought this franchise in 1996 they were phasing out Sammy. He was on a couple of the trucks that came with the franchise, and I’m still finding books and manuals from the first few years we were in operation that have him scattered throughout the pages. I kinda feel dated remembering Sammy…and I’m only 21!

  2. I worked for my brother-in-law Harry Mangleburg for a long time at Servpro of Athens…next week will mark one year since his death….I googled his name tonight and ran across this picture and so many memories came flooding in….thanks for sharing…I miss and love him very much.

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