Pool Safety

You’ve heard the ice cream trucks; you’ve felt the heat; you’ve gobbled the barbeque. There is no denying summer is here and in full swing. This means that it is time for swimming! In the spirit of summer fun, many people choose to ignore safety precautions. Don’t let your summer plans be ruined by carelessness. A little safety goes a long way.

Stay Close and Alert 

It’s simple: stay nearby and keep your eyes open. Children should never be left unattended (even for a short period of time) in a pool or spa. If children are in or near the water, they should be actively watched. It’s also valuable to teach your children basic water safety tips; make it fun by turning it into a game of learning. Keep children away from all possible entrapments, such as pipes and drains. Always have a telephone within reach while at the pool. If a child goes missing, look for him or her in the pool or spa first. Be sure to share your safety instructions with family, friends, and neighbors.

Water Safety Skills

If you are going to have or visit a pool, then it is crucial that you learn how to swim as well as teach your child how to swim. Learning how to perform CPR is also very useful. Keep these skills up to date. Be sure to understand the basics of life-saving skills so as to be able to perform or assist in a rescue as needed.

Appropriate Equipment

Install a fence around your pool and spa that is at least four feet tall. It is best if the fence is self-closing and self-latching. Ask your neighbors to take the same precautions on their pool areas. Put a lockable safety cover on your spa. If your house is the fourth side of the fence around your pool, install and use door alarms on the doors leading outside. Particularly if you have young children, it is smart to install gate and pool alarms that alert you when someone enters the water. Make sure your pool and spa have working drain covers. Keep your pool and spa covers in good condition. Lastly, consider a surface wave or underwater alarm.

Sandy Hayden


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